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Inkjet and Toner Cartridges for any make or model of printer, copier or all-in-one machine!


It Starts with an Original

When you buy a cartridge that’s made by a specific printer brand for use with that brand, it’s called an original equipment manufacturer product, or “OEM” for short. Whether you buy a compatible replacement or a remanufactured replacement cartridge, it all begins with the design and function of an OEM product.

OEM ink and toner products set the standards of quality and performance. They’re dependable, they produce incredible print work, and they’re designed specifically to work with OEM printers. However, compatible and remanufactured cartridges provide consumers with a more affordable alternative. Our cartridges match the print quality, page yield, and shelf life of OEM products, but you’ll end up paying just a fraction of the OEM cost! So, what makes compatible and remanufactured cartridges different?

Compatible Cartridges

Compatible replacement cartridges are a little different than remanufactured cartridges. While a remanufactured product is a recycled OEM cartridge shell that’s been cleaned and rebuilt, a compatible cartridge is built from scratch to fit into your printer just like the OEM version. It will still provide you with the same performance and quality as an OEM product or a remanufactured product, but it’s made using a slightly different process.

Steve's Inks & Toners markets brand-new components from reputable, top-of-the-line manufacturers to create high-quality, low-cost cartridges. Each cartridge goes through an in-depth vetting process, including quality inspections and post-manufacturing print tests.

So, why are some cartridges remanufactured and others are compatible? It all has to do with licensing. Some OEM brands have patents on their cartridges which prevent third-party manufacturers from making compatible (generic) versions. We provide our customers with compatible cartridges whenever we're able to do so. However, when a patent prevents us from making compatible replacement versions of an OEM product, we still offer a remanufactured version to meet the needs of our customers.

The bottom line question you need to ask yourself is, “How do you want to spend your hard-earned money?” Our compatible and remanufactured replacement ink/toner cartridges give you the same exceptional print quality, the same page yield and shelf life, and the same basic performance as OEM ink and toner cartridges, but you’ll save up to 55% off the OEM retail price by switching to compatible and remanufactured cartridges.

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